About Elizabeth

About Elizabeth B Martin

 In reality, I prefer not to talk too much about myself (probably due to my upbringing in England, however my parents were Americans … but that’s a story for another day) but one must do what one’s marketers tell one to do so here goes.

I grew up in Geneva Switzerland and then moved to London to attend St. Martin’s college of Art. Then, I continued my studies and received a Master’s of Art from the Royal College of Art.

Art has led me into a number of fun and exciting careers.

For example, I’ve worked as a fashion designer and illustrator (that was fun!), and in textile and hotel interior design.

For a time I even enjoyed being a portrait painter. I found capturing the essence of a client fascinating. If you’re an artist, you’ll understand.

Then I discovered my real passion. I love to invent and illustrate stories. So that’s how I fill my days now: making up stories and creating images to accompany them.

This is the most fun I’ve ever had!

I once heard that most children’s book writers tend to think of themselves as kids in a way. I think that’s true because I feel as though I’m 8-years-old.

That explains why I love to write and illustrate picture books and easy readers. No one ever needs to wonder what I’m up to. My friends all know that I’m usually in my favorite place: my studio working on the next creation.

By the way, all of my picture books can be read for FREE!  I wish to encourage every child to read and love books.

All you need to do is Click any book cover to see a flip eBook version. You can even read my books on your computers.